The 12th Real IT Awards ceremony was held at the the charming Millennium Gloucester Hotel in South Kensington. In front of a sell out audience of peers and colleagues the awards were presented to the following organisations;


IT Project Team of the Year

WINNER: Grafton Group PLC

Grafton365 Team


Project Name: Grafton365

Grafton Group replaced multiple MS Domains and Exchange environments with a single domain moving to Office365 supporting 6,000+ colleagues across more than 650 sites.


Judges' Comments

Excellent project well delivered, under budget and achieving much more than the sum of its parts. The team should be highly commended for introducing leadership in the organisation through an IT project, done with a vendor partnership - exceptional.




The SIG PLC Group is a €2.5bn turnover FTSE250 organisation which principally operates in nine counties in Europe. Prompted by a number of structural changes the SIG Group IT Department took the decision in early 2014 to embark upon a major IT Transformation Programme.


IT as an Enabler

WINNER: British Council

The Digital Team @ British Council


Project Name: Migration to Container Based Hosting

In 2015, British Council had an active global network of more than 115 million users of its services and 1000 in-house staff using a state of the art content management system but a hosting arrangement that needed modernising.


Judges' Comments

Just fantastic. Excellent use of latest tech and business savvy approach.


Transformation of Base Infrastructure


In 2015 Grafton Merchantising ROI undertook an ambitous infrastructure upgrade project to not only secure current mission critical systems but to provide the required infrastructural building blocks to allow the delivery of multiple technology projects.


HIGHLY COMMENDED: United Biscuits (UK) Ltd

United Biscuits BT Phone One Implementation


BT has transformed United Biscuits (UB) mobile telephony estate, with its BT One Phone Connect solution delivered to 12 UK sites, enabling employees to have data and voice connectivity to maximise productivity.


Operational Efficiency

WINNER: British Gas

Smart Metering Team


Project Name: Smart Metering - Planning & Scheduling Efficiency Enhancements

British Gas is at the forefront of the mandated roll-out of Smart Meters for Residential customers within the UK energy market. Whilst being a major enabler for growth it was imperative that an investment of £1M+ was supported by a benefits case which could be tracked by tangible business metrics.


Judges' Comments

An enterprise wide improvement. This entry had a clear focus on business outcomes and business benefits, delivering clear operational efficiency targets and efficiency.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Westminster City Council

Transition to Shared IT Services


Westminster City Council have developed a new way of delivering ICT services that is not a traditional outsources model but one delivering outcomes.



Service Improvement

WINNER: AstraZeneca

AskIT Team


Project Name: AskIT @ AstraZeneca

AskIT is a fresh approach to learning, using and experiencing IT for AstraZeneca employees and partners at an AsatraZeneca location.


Judges' Comments

Real and tangible service improvement bringing IT back into the grass-roots of the business - great stuff.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Saïd Business School

Delivering Agile IT in Manufacturing


Meeting the IT needs of the workforce within a modern manufacturing environment is tough. Coupling this with ensuring corporate IT systems and processes work in synergy with time-served local ones presents a unique challenge.



Innovation in Technology

WINNER: Westminster City Council

City of Westminster IT Team


Project Name: Smart Eye e-permit solution

Following a successful deployment of over 3,330 SmartEye sensors representing the world's largest deployment of on-street parking technology in a city to date Westminster City Council has now begun to undertake the UK's first pilot of EPermits using RFID technology.


Judges' Comments

A great example of the use of technology to positively impact the quality of service for disabled drivers which could be extended to revolutionise car parking compliance through technology in London.


Big Data 4D Browser Visualisation / Informatics Lab


By developing new approaches that allowed efficient encoding and streaming of environmental data and through the use of cloud technologies and graphical libraries, the team created a browser-based application to enable users to have a fully immersive experience of weather forecasts in multiple devices (including VR).



IT Partnership of the Year

WINNER: Virgin Media & Accenture

Virgin Media


Project Name: Software Testing Team

Virgin Media and Accenture have defined the usual client / outsourcer relationship to create a true partnership.


Judges' Comments

Virgin has clearly been through a significant change journey and for this particular function have emerged leaner and more fit to deliver and enhance business capabilities than when commencing this multi-year journey of change, which I suspect commenced with significant levels of uncertainty. The teams approach to 'asking for forgiveness rather than permission' when considering the remit of their activities and how they can potentially influence change for outcome and benefit is impressive and engaging.


The sheer rate of improvement and benefit highlight, evidenced with metrics is equally impressive. This has clearly been established via the 50:50 approach to cultural thinking and engagement as a people level and willingness to work together despite the logistical and cultural challenges.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: British American Tobacco

Enhancing Productivity in the Cloud (EPIC)


On Monday 14th September 2015, 452 users in BAT Turkey successfully migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft's Cloud service. Over 80% of these users self-migrated without any help from IT and nearly all users were up and running on the new system by the middle of the day.


Over the next 13 weeks no fewer than 35,000 people from 180 markets around the world migrated to Outlook, Skype and new mobile solution in a project that has been described by the Microsoft account team as "faster and more efficient than any other global organisation we have worked with".



Digital Project of the Year

WINNER: United Biscuits

United Biscuits


Project Name: Transforming United Biscuits with Digital Business Applications

United Biscuits have gone well beyond the adoption of Google Apps for Work. They have created innovative digital applications within the Google platform that are used by 3,800 users of any device from anywhere.


Judges' Comments

Comprehensive across the organisation and one that has replaced a problem with a strong platform that can grow as demand for digital grows.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aylesbury Vale District Council

Right Here, Right Now Programme


RHRN has met changing customer expectations, enabled substantial savings and simplified customer transactions, information and responses real time without the need to contact officers.



Mobile Application of the Year

WINNER: Heathrow Airport

Innovation & Mobility Team


Project Name: Airside Asset Inspection - Heathrow IT

Heathrow IT Innovation Team was tasked to provide a solution to reporting issues during operational hours rapidly and accurately on the airfield, rather than a paper based process. They developed a mobile application to comprehend a quick and accurate reporting issues application which uses improved tablets with high quality cameras and GPS maps.


Judges' Comments

Excellent deployment of an engineering application with security aspects included.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Allstate Northern Ireland

myECC Mobile Application


In 2015 Allstate Technology and Strategic Ventures (ATSV) embarked on a project which revolutionises its software development practices. Employing eXtreme Programming practices, best of breed technologies and tools, ATSV deployed a mobile app solution leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry.



Special Achievement Award

WINNER: The Gender Balance Special Interest Group

Gender Balance Group


This Award is given in recognition of the huge contribution made by the Gender Balance Special Interest Group to the Forum for the benefit of all of its members.


The group has done fantastic work in raising awareness of the importance of gender diversity within businesses and highlighting how gender balanced teams bring a range of benefits to the workplace. The have accomplished a great deal in supporting women in corporate IT to be successful in developing their career paths.


Game Changer of the Year

WINNER: Dubai Police

Dubai Police


Project Name: Virtual Learning

Dubai Police has employed cutting edge video games technology to create virtual incidents ranging from crime scenes to traffic accidednts to hostage scenarios that require SWAT planning and intervention to Passengers Screening in an engaging way.


Judges' Comments

Using gaming technology to improve policing this project has already seen many spin-off benefits and widening adoption.


ManufactureMe (MMe) "Enabling Greater Supply Chain Visibility"


Consolidate information from eight SAP systems across the globe into one single repository that provided deep insights into the Supply Chain performance.



Simplifying Testing Services at Tesco Bank


By collaborating with stakeholders right across the business they have re-positioned Testing Services as a real partner to their business ....


Collaborative Enterprise Award

WINNER: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Virtual Meeting Room team


Project Name: Virtual Meeting Room Transformation

AstraZeneca has transformed the way it collaborates, reducing the need to travel and ensuring they provide a "great place to work" for employees.


Judges' Comments

Large scale implementation of high-quality, existing products has been executed well.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Westminster City Council

Transition to Shared ICT Services


The shared ICT services are innovative and adaptable, responding to the rapidly changing business models and needs of residents.



IT Employer of the Year

WINNER: The National Trust

The National Trust


Project Name: The IT Property Work Experience Initiative

Through spending 5 days a year "on property" getting stuck into proprty life, the IT team has developed into a trusted, integrated part of the whole organisation; they are no longer out in the cold!


Judges' Comments

The IT team recognised that they needed to interact better with their colleagues across the organisation so they initiated the 'back to the floor' programme, insisting that IT team members spend time working in National Trust sites and properties. The results have been tangible with an increase in customer satisfaction and a better understanding of their customer needs.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Close Brothers Premium Finance

Good to Great Employee Engagement Programme


This initiative has energised the team, elevating the importance of having a motivated workforce and putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.



Workplace Transformation

WINNER: BGL Group Limited

BGL Group Limited


Project Name: Progressive Workplace

In late 2014, a Progressive Workplace Programme was instigated, aiming to transform the work environment and modernise the work experience for its people.


Judges' Comments

"We have treated our workformce in the same way we would our customers". That says it all, an excellent submission.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Saïd Business School

Transformational Change


With total business buy-in, alignment and support, and the commitment, delivery and service focus of a unified and motivated IT Team, the transformational change of Saïd Business School over the past 9 months has been truly remarkable and testament to what is possible when a team pulls together.



Innovation in Security Awareness

WINNER: Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil


Project Name: Innovation Security Awareness

Tullow Oil designed an initiative to maximise the impact of security awareness efforts by coupling social science and behavioural psychology principles with cutting edge network monitoring capability.


Judges' Comments

An intelligent and articulate submission shifting the focus to culture not technology and tools. Good fit to corporate culture and CEO support, metrics and impact shown as significant.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Anglia Water Services

Don't Let Them In


An innovative and engaging cyber security campaign, featuring characters Hack, Viro, Cipher, Cloud, Data and Phish brought cyber security to life.



Cloud Project of the Year

WINNER: British American Tobacco



Project Name: Enhanced Productivity in the Cloud

Self service migration to Office 365.


Judges' Comments

Excellent implementation planning and approach. A little light on transformational nature of the product as opposed to straight money save, though does mention value of external Skype.


Office 365 OneDrive for Business Deployment


Implementation of leading edge Office 365 collaboration solutions.



Turning Data into Insight


PepsiCo Team


Project Name: SKU Optimisation Toolkit

PepsiCo IT team partnered with the business transformation team to meet the challenge of supply chain capacity avoiding a £2M investment.


Judges' Comments

PepsiCo has shown what can be achieved with minimal cost or IT overhead, delivering a fleet of foot solution to the business enabling the speedy prioritisation of products when capacity constraints threatened to prevent being able to add new product lines.


ManufactureMe (MMe)




IT Team of the Year

WINNER: Yorkshire Building Society

YBS Group


Project Name: ITDS Colleague Experience

Where else does an IT team start their regular Operations meetings with Colleague Experience first on the agenda?


Judges' Comments

A very well presented submission, excellent evidence provided.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Virgin Media Limited

Test Service Team


Virgin Media's software testing team has undergone a major transformation.



The Real IT Award 2016




Project Name: SKU Optimisation Toolkit


Judges' Comments

PepsiCo have developed and implemented a refined analytics tools to help optimise their supply chain, with very little investment they have managed to avoid investing an additional £2m. One of the biggest benefits to PepsiCo was the method by which they developed the tool. Taking a pseudo agile approach they have recognised the benefits of bi modal IT to the organisational. An approach they intend to take forward for other projects. An excellent submission with some supporting evidence.



Short Lists

Game Changer of the YearInfrastructure as an Enabler
ManufactureMe (MMe) "Enabling Greater Supply Chain Visibility"
British Council
Digital Team, British Council Migration to container-based hosting
British Council
Grafton Group plc
Transformation of Base Infrastructure
Dubai Police
Virtual Learning
Opus Energy Limited
Infrastructure Transformation enabling Network and Disaster Recovery
Tesco Bank
Simplifying Testing Services at Tesco Bank
United Biscuits (UK) Ltd
UB BT One Phone Implementation
The Co-operative Bank
Co-operative Bank IT Risk Team - Techno
Virgin Media Limited
Customer Contact Virtualisation
Virgin Media Limited
Multichannel Prospect Management
Operational EfficiencyService Improvement
BAE Systems Ltd
Delivering Cost Transparency
AskIT @ AstraZeneca
British Gas Smart Metering - Planning & Scheduling Efficiency Enhancements
British Gas - Home Move - Transforming the Customer Experience
Ordnance Survey
Delivering efficiency in infrastructure provisioning through automation and culture change
OCS Group Ltd.
OCS, Powered by Cognizant
SABIC Petrochemicals Limited
Plant Condition Observations using Mobile Devices
SABIC Petrochemicals Limited
Delivering Agile IT in Manufacturing
Westminster City Council
Transition to shared ICT services through collaborative frameworks
Said Business School
Said Business School - University of Oxford
IT Team of the YearIT Partnership of the Year
Micheldever Tyre & Auto Services
IT Department
British American Tobacco
Enhanced Productivity in the Cloud (EPIC)
SIG plc
Grafton Group plc
Grafton 365
SThree plc
SThree IT Function
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
The Leeds Teaching Trust Electronic Patient Record/ The Leeds Care Record
Virgin Media Limited
Virgin Media Test Service Team
SThree plc
SThree Desktop Refresh Project
YBS Group
ITSD Colleague Experience
Virgin Media Limited
Virgin Media and Accenture
Digital Project of the YearInnovation in Security Awareness
British Council
SOLAS - Global Roll-out - British Council Digital
Anglian Water Services
Don't Let Them In - IS Cyber Security Team
E.ON Business Services GmbH
[secure it]
PepsiCo International (UK & Ireland)
Counts for more
Essex County Council
ICO Audit
United Biscuits (UK) Ltd.
Transforming United Biscuits with Digital Business Applications
Royal Mail
Think Secure, Royal Mail Group's Information Security Awareness Programme and its new Protect Information E-learning
Aylesbury Distrct Council
Aylesbury Vale District Council Right Here Right Now Programme (RHRN)
Tullow Oil
Tullow Oil IS Security Team - Information Security Awareness
Cloud Project of the YearTurning Data into Insight
British American Tobacco
Enhanced Productivity in the Cloud (EPIC)
ManufactureMe (MMe) "Enabling Greater Supply Chain Visibility"
Leeds Building Society
Core in the Cloud
BAE Systems
Delivering Cost Transparency
Said Business School
Web Hosting, Support, Maintenance and Development Project - Said Business School
PepsiCo International (UK & IE)
SKU Optimisation Toolkit
Telefonica UK Limited
Office 365 OneDrive for Business Deployment across Telefonica UK
Virgin Media Limited
Lightning - Beyond DNA
Workplace TransformationCollaborative Enterprise
BGL Group Limited
Progressive Workplace
Virtual meeting Room Transformation
Haymarket Media Group Limited
Project Thames
East Sussex County Council
ROCI (Read Only Care Information)
Novae plc
End-user Workplace Transformation
MWH Global
Upgrade of MWH global intranet
Said Business School
Said Business School - University of Oxford
Westminster City Council
Transition to shared ICT services through collaborative frameworks
Mobile Application of the YearIT Employer of the Year
Allstate (Northern Ireland)
myECC Mobile Application
Close Brothers Premium Finance
Close Brothers Premium Finance
Heathrow Airport
Airside Asset Inspector - Heathrow IT - Innovation & Mobility Team
The National Trust
The National Trust IT Property Work Experience Initiative
Said Business School
Said Business School - University of Oxford
Special Achievement Award at the 2016 Real IT Awards
The Gender Balance Special Interest Group Committee
This Award is given in recognition of a significant contribution to the Forum's community and of the work done by the Committee in driving an important agenda forward over the last year.